Medical Providers in Thailand 

Thailand’s world-class medical providers and healthcare options include some of the finest hospitals and medical centers in the world, accompanied by a long list of  specialized medical clinics and spas.  

State-of-the-art equipment and first-class service is the standard in Thailand.  Care is provided by experienced nurses, physicians and surgeons trained and board-certified in the United States or other Western Nations.



Hospitals : Thai hospitals and other medical facilities have extremely high standards and are regularly subjected to rigorous classification, accreditation and certification qualifications and requirements by Thai healthcare officials.


Many hospitals are central to Bangkok with regional locations stretching across the entire country. All facilities are operated at the highest level of care. Please see our growing list of Hospitals in Thailand




Medical Centers :   Thailand features hundreds of medical clinics, specializing in nearly every form of medical treatment.  Provided in state of the art facilities, highly trained Thai health care specialists provide open heart surgery, cosmetic surgery treatments, dental work, dermatology procedures, eye care and more.


Trained medical professionals are ready to assist patients with all your medical needs.  Please see more about  Medical Centers in Thailand>> 



medspaMedical Spas & Holistic/Alternative Treatment :  Medical spa resorts and wellness retreats are located throughout the country, providing Thai massage techniques literally practices for thousands of years.



Relaxation and rehabilitation in these facilities are known to be top of the line - and provided for a fraction of the cost of treatment in Western nations.  See more about Thailand's Medical Spa and Holistic Treatment Centers  >>


Whether you are looking for cosmetic surgery, dermatology, dental work, a medical check up, or extensive medical procedures requiring a lengthy stay and recovery period of time in a world-class Medical Spa, Thailand is equipped with providers that are likely to exceed your expectations - at a fraction of the cost of health care treatment in Western nations.