Internet, Phone and Wireless Device Usage in Thailand

Tips for Staying Accessible, Online and Working While in Thailand

Using the Internet and Phone System is both easy and convenient for foreigner travelers to utilize.  Public phones are widely available while local mobile phones and SIM cards can be purchased at virtually every convenience store in the country. Internet cafes are also widespread to stay in touch with comfort and ease.Please notify your mobile provider prior to traveling to avoid costly international charges!


 Public, SIM Cards and Pre-Paid Phones

- Coin operated pay phones are available throughout the country, costing around 1 baht per minute for local calls.
- Card phones, which operate using prepaid cards are widely available, especially in the larger cities and heavily traveled tourist areas such as Chiangmai, Phuket and Pattaya.
- Prepaid phone cards and SIM cards are generally available in 300 baht denominations (just under 10 USD), are available at convenience stores.  7-11's  are everywhere in Thailand.
- Public telephones that charge by the minute for local and overseas calls are both widespread through  at general post offices throughout the country.

Mobile Phone Usage and Cell Phone Networks

- Cell phones are the choice of communication for Thai residents.  Network coverage is widespread with reception available in all areas except at the most remote islands and isolated mountain regions. 
- International phones must be GSM compatible, as Thailand features both GSM 900 and 1800 networks.  Please contact your mobile provider prior to travel.
- SIM cards are widely used.  If your cell phone has a SIM card slot, these cards are wildely available at the airport or shopping areas througout the country.  .
- If your phone doesn’t have a slot for a SIM card, a Thailand cell phone can be picked up at the airport for a reasonable rate.  Second-hand phones are also an alternative to consider while traveling in Thailand or for long-term medical care or treatment.

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thphone5Phone Systems and International Calling

- To call Thailand, the international dialing code is +66, followed by the the ten-digit number.
- To call from Thailand, the procedure is to dial 001 followed by the Zone country code, then the phone number.  Some long distance providers allow you to dial 007, 008, or 009 but at different, typically higher rates.
- International operator assistance is available by dialing 110.
- Emergency numbers are often three or four digit numbers. Tourist Police is 1155.

Internet Usage for Computers, Mobile Devices and Internet Cafe'sthinternet2

- Broadband Internet coverage is readily available in major cities and towns but may not be available in smaller villages or along the countryside while traveling.
- Prepaid Internet packs can be readily bought in convenience stores and other places.
- Internet connections are available in hotels and Internet cafés, which are widespread.
- Most urban areas and all tourist areas have Skype installed on their public computers.
- Major mobile network operators in Thailand are also on the 3G network with 4G network coverage in the planning stages of launch.