Thailand is now widely accepted by medical tourists and the international medical community as a prime destination for medical treatment and recovery.  Patients enjoy the availability of modern equipment and specialties, easy entrance and great hospitality from internationally trained and certified medical professionals and personnel... not to mention that treatment can cost up to 80% less than in the United States. Thailand is simply one of the best medical tourism destinations in the world. 

pic6Why Thailand for Your Medical Treatment?

Economical advantages, internationally respected healthcare centers, internationally trained physicians and ideal recovery options are only some of the reasons you should travel to Thailand for medical tourism >>




World-Class Hospital Network

Thailand’s world-class medical providers include some of the finest hospitals in the world.  Thailand also has an extensive network of specialized medical clinics and renowned medical-spas, all of which offer a wide variety of medical procedures. >>

thmedtourismHighly Trained Surgeons and Medical Professionals

Thai surgeons, medical professionals researchers have received local and/or international awards for outstanding service or outstanding accomplishments in the medical profession.>>

thstandardMedical Standards and Quality

Many international hospitals in Thailand have acquired additional standards to meet the needs of their foreign patients. >>

thinsuranceMedical Costs and Insurance Coverage

More and more insurance companies around the globe are finding that it is cheaper for them to pay for your medical treatments in Thailand rather than covering it in your home country.  With prices up to 80% less for open heart surgery, no wonder.  See more>>

thregulationRules and Regulations

Operations of healthcare facilities and licensing of medical doctor and nursing professionals in Thailand are subject to the Medical Facility laws and Medical license laws, and are overseen by the Ministry of Public Health..>>


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