Hair Transplant Specialists in Thailand

Finding a Hair Transplant Cosmetic Specialist in Thailand


Hair transplants are a growing phenomenon for both men and women as one in five women will experience some degree of hair loss.  While some individuals choose to wear a wig or hair extensions to cover their baldness and others may use pills and formulas, the sheer advancements in Cosmetic Surgery for Hair Transplants has brought significant success stories to middle aged and older men and women.

Thailand is a global leader in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant specialists are no different. can help you find the right hair transplant specialist to make you look and feel your best.

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DHT Hair Clinic
Specialist Clinic, Bangkok 

Tel: +662 619 0351 3


Thailand Hair Transplant Center
Specialist Clinic, Chiang Mai 

Tel: +6653 357 526


Million Hair Transplant Center
Specialist Clinic, Bangkok  

Tel: +662 967 1331


Absolute Hair Clinic
Specialist Clinic, Phuket 

Tel: +6676 612 762, +6686 041 1336