Why Thailand for Medical Tourism?

Thailand is the ideal destination for tourists seeking medical treatments while on a vacation of a lifetime.  With over a thousant public and private hospitals across the country, more than a million "farangs" (the thai name for 'Foreigner') visit Thailand each year for medical procedures.  


International patients are treated with world class care by nearly 20,000 medical doctors and over 100,000 skilled nurses.  Many of these medical professionals have been trained in the United States, England and across Europe, Japan, Australia and more; bringing their training, experience and education to Thailand to help expand the set of professional medical services. 


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Not only is Thailand a leader in standard medical practice, we are also a pioneer in holistic and alternative health treatments, including illness prevention, rehabilitation and restorative care.  These approaches are quickly gaining speed as accepted medical practices by both the general population and insurance companies in many parts of the world.