Surgeons and Medical Professionals in Thailand

specialHow Do Doctors Treat Patients Here vs. Other Parts of the World?

Thai physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals have received international awards and accolades for outstanding service in the medical profession.  Many (almost the majority) of physicians receive education and training in both Thailand and other countries.  It is not uncommon to be treated by a specialist with a PhD from UCLA, University of Michigan, Tufts University in Massachusetts and others in the US.

Standards are high, notably higher than expected.  Thailand has similar International, National and Regional qualifications that must be met in the same fashion as other countries across the globe.

Specialists practicing virtually every medical procedure are noted to be highly skilled and many of the medical facilities are so luxurious that many medical visitors feel like they have entered an exclusive hotel when they arrive.  Nurses, assistants and staff are well equipped to handle treatment ranging from general medical care to extensive heart surgery.

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