Rules and Regulations for Thai Healthcare Providers

How Are Medical Professionals Licensed and Regulated?

thregulationMedical providers in Thailand are subject to Medical Facility and Medical License Laws and are overseen by the Ministry of Public Health. Medical Professional Licensing is supervised by the Medical Professional Commission, which offers recommendations directly to the Minister of Public Health.

These plus regional committees practicing in different provinces oversee medical practices of treatment related professionals.  Committees regularly oversee and determine practice based upon matters including:

1)      Registration and issuance of medical licenses in respective branches and locations..

2)      To revoke licenses in the event of disqualification of medical practice.

3)      To present recommendations to the main committee to exercise authority according to Article 13(2).

4)      Exercise authority according to Article 44 in the event of professional ethical violations.

5)      Provide guidance to educational institutes on curriculums for their respective branches/professions.

6)      Publicize or inform the public to avoid damages caused by misunderstanding about the professions.

7)      Promote, develop, and establish standards for their respective professions.

8)      Issue certificates for specialties in their respective professions.

9)      Nominate representatives in their respective professions to become the Medical Profession Commission.

10)  Appoint subcommittees to act within the authority and responsibility of the Profession Committee.

11)  Perform other functions according to the law.

12)  Consider or perform other functions as appointed by the Minister of Public Health or the Profession Commission.

Rules and regulations such as this are expected in all modernized countries.  Thailand is no different and enforces policies to ensure medical practitioners are up to code and following the law.  With the large population of medical vacationers traveling to Thailand, the Thai Government is very clear and strict when it comes to medical treatment as the economy would suffer great consequences if medical policies were not enforced and patients received poor quality healthcare.