Thai National and International Accreditation Medical Standards


Medical Professional Accreditations for World-Class Medical Facilities, Treatment and Recovery

thstandardPatients need to be comfortable with the safety, convenience, and medical capacity of treatment and providers in Thailand as well as any other country.


     Medical tourists usually compare the medical standards in the destination country with their own.  For example:


  • The Joint Commission International Accredited Organization (JCI) is the standard accreditation for hospitals in the United States.
  • The Trent International Accreditation Scheme is the accepted medical standard in both the UK and Hong Kong.
  • The Canadian Council of Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA) is the accepted medical standard in Canada.
  • Australia and New Zealand follow the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), which is the standard accreditation for healthcare facilities in the region.


In Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health has provided criteria for medical and nursing standards:

  •  Every physician requires a medical license to practice, and must be supervised by the Medical Council of Thailand.
  • The Ministry of Public Health has established standards and assessment procedures for the Hospital Accreditation (HA).

     In addition to national standards and requirements, many international hospitals in Thailand have acquired additional standards to meet the needs of their tourism patients.  Many are already JCA acccredited and over 350 hospitals in Thailand have acquired HA status, ISO9000 and ISO14000 certifications. 


     It is vital to communicate with your medical facility about standards, reviews and quality of care provided, just as it is in all other countries.  Please continue your research on and connect with the healthcare provider as you plan your trip to Thailand for medical care.