About MedinThai.com

Thailand is a global destination for medical tourism, and with good reason. Noted as “World Class Yet Affordable” by 60 Minutes, the BBC, US News and countless other media outlets around the world, many medical facilities in

Thailand have achieved JCI Accredited (an International accreditation for health care) and many more are ISO9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.  All medical providers, specialists and medical spas practice healthcare in accordance with Thailand’s own Medical Facility and License Laws, overseen by the Ministry of Public Health. 

We ask “Why wouldn’t anyone want to come to Thailand for healthcare?” 

Many doctors are trained abroad and then return to practice medicine – and serve the booming medical tourism industry as over a million patients visit Thailand each year for medical treatment. Thai standards are very high and with the astronomical cost of healthcare in North America, Europe, Australia and around the globe, patients are seeking top notch healthcare at affordable rates – and are willing to travel.  Even some insurance companies are now covering some of the costs of medical treatment and recovery (please contact your insurance provider for details).

MedinThai.com is your source of information about healthcare treatment, medical providers and support services available in Thailand.  Please explore our website, learn about Thai healthcare and services and connect with a provider to begin your journey to Thailand for an unforgettable medical vacation.