hp3Over a million international patients visit Thailand's world-class medical facilities each year with qualified doctors and specialists trained all over the world. 

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Medical Treatments in Thailand


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Thailand offers a wide variety of medical procedures for both men and women.  Heart surgery, dental procedures, cosmetic surgery and virtually all other medical procedures are conducted by highly skilled teams of medical professionals.  Learn more about medical treatments in Thailand here  >>

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Medical Providers and Health Care Specialists in Thailand


gen2Highly skilled medical providers with board certification and extensive experience use state-of-the-art equipment in advanced hospitals, clinics and medical facilities all across Thailand to provide the best quality medical treatments available.  Begin your search for medical providers here >>> 

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Medical Tourism and Vacation Information


thailandThailand is a country filled with scenic beaches and mountains unlike any other place on Earth and this makes Thailand a great medical tourism destination.  Learn what you need to do and use this information throughout your medical vacation stay in Thailand here >>

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